empowering you

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empowering you

branding & social media services

Meet the Team: WoaWomen

Who we are and why we do what we do.  

I am Mahala - illustrator, writer, book eater. 

I am Issa - artist, story teller, advocate for excellence. 

Individually, in tandem and hand in hand we are here to share our stories, tips and inspiration on life as we know it, live it and wish it

Getting to know about Empowering You.

We believe that it is our business to manage your business communication and community building. By doing so we free you to keep creating what you want and keep your focus where it is needed. No need to give up your R&R to work after hours or spend sleepless nights over what you could have done but did not.

We lighten your load by managing the writing for you. 

We provide a fine tuned balance of practical application and imaginative communication. It is very useful because it allows us to write on solid business topics as well as creative storytelling. Creating a compelling story is an art that will assist you to communicate your message to your targeted audience. 

We are here to empower you. 

We see you as the bright light that stands out - unique from all others.

We believe you are the star in your playing field - the unmatched leader who sets the tone and pace for others. 

It is where you belong and we will collaborate with you to achieve this. 

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